What are Chatbots & Do You Need One?

Chat from conversation and bot, short for the word robot.
Then Chatbot would be a conversation with the robot.
An FB Chatbot is an automated conversation on Facebook.

This is the simplest way to introduce the concept and explain what Chatbot is. It allows you to provide customer service, deliver content, acquire customers and a lot more, all 24/7 and in a seamless, automated way.

Chatbots are already available and working on Messenger.
So, imagine the following, You call a service company, and then immediately hear a message saying something like press 1 for this, two for that, 3 for something else and 9 for talking to attendant.

So, Chatbots are to Facebook what “auto-attendants are to business phone systems.”

They have been around for some time, and the idea is that now, you can mirror this system on your Facebook page.

Chatbot enables you to automate the answers to those questions you already answer daily, weekly or monthly.

So, imagine that instead of answering ten people over ten minutes, you can then respond to a hundred people, a thousand people, all at the same time.

So, the idea is that you can have a robot that will help you mainly as a customer care center.

Many people wonder, Is a Chatbot an Application?
How does it work?
Well, not really.

Applications are entirely different than Chatbots. Although, an application can have a Chatbot embedded in it.

Imagine a food delivery application, imagine an app you use for recurring services… the idea is that the Chatbot makes the call, do whatever it was made to do.

Whether that be in sales, service or whatever it was programmed to do.

There are two types of Chatbots you need to understand.

The first type is those that search information in a database. This means that there is an information database, an already thought flow, such as a Chatbot for a Coffee Shop, designed for people to buy coffee.

There´s no need for artificial intelligence for this; I want to buy coffee, I choose the type of coffee, for example, espresso or drip coffee, the user is already selecting which is the type, what is the form of payment, and once the confirmation comes, it’s done, it is over.

It does not have to have much, the robot goes there, it consults the price, it consults the address of the guy, it consults the previously registered credit card, and it´s done.
It does not have to have a lot of nonsense talk, it streamlines the process, in this case of buying, selling, etc. At the end, the robot searches for information that is already pre-registered.

The second type of Chatbot is the one that uses some artificial intelligence.
We at Chatsales specialize in these bots, that use NLP. ( Natural Language Processing).
This means that your chatbot can hold a conversation with the user, allowing for a more conversational user experience…

We use modern AI technology to create the perfect employee. If you want to provide the best customer service on the market and keep your customers happy, you want one of these bots. They can expand and grow with your company and consistently provide the best customer service and assistance.

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