Part 3 – Update on our Cannabis Business Project

Part 3 – Update on our Cannabis Business Project

The global cannabidiol market size is expected to reach USD 23.6 billion

In the previous post we mapped out our plan of action …. We immediately hit a brick wall due to South Africa not having any drop shipping infrastructure, and the suppliers that due offer reselling are actually competing with their affiliates at a cheaper price.

We decided that we need to create our own drop shipping system for the cannabis market and that is what we have been doing over these past 2 weeks.

We went searching for a manufacturer who would be willing to provide his products at wholesale prices, and then allow us to white label them – We found a manufacturer that saw our vision and is 100% committed to our business model.

Without giving away our business model, we are in the final stages of being able to offer ready made automated drop shipping e-commerce stores with nice profit margins at 4 price tiers including the ability to completely brand every product with your own branding connected to our automated A.I sales funnels.

We will be rolling out our trial system soon, once we get the shipping sorted out.

Our system is compatible with any niche and we invite any future forward manufacturer to speak with us and be blown away by how  scalable this system is.

When you hit a problem that effects a complete country, then you quickly find a solution 🙂

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