The Health & Fitness Industry

The Health & Fitness Industry

Trading hours for money means that you limit your earning potential, luckily automation can not only allow you to make more effective use of your time, but it can also add additional revenue streams to your business.

The solution:

A mobile friendly, easy to navigate website that allows for making bookings and joining online courses, purchasing apparel ( your own brand) and equipment ( automated affiliate products).

A.I chatbot connected to your Facebook Business page, to automate your lead generation and general queries, the magic happens here, since Facebook allows us to capture user data and send it to any external platform, and communicate with the user.

Now the chatbot can act as your team of virtual assistants…

You should be filming your routines and packaging them as courses for extra revenue, and below we will show you how you can increase your revenue without spending hours chasing potential clients.

You run Facebook marketing campaign into your A.i chatbot, offering a free from home workout ( you record different workouts for different body types and goals).

The chatbot asks the visitor questions and sends them the correct free workout to achieve one specific goal, this builds trust and since it is all automated, means you are not trying to convince them to join your classes.

The bot can send them motivational messages, diet plans etc, all on autopilot.

Next it up-sells them to your paid course and apparel, asks them for referrals and to post feedback on your social media, after that it sells them on your live classes and whatever else you have that you can charge for.

Now you are earning income without having to spend hours doing classes.

All users gets saved into a mailing list and database allowing for even more automation options, loyalty programs, integration into accounting packages and CRM’s etc.

Included is your own automated clothing brand for an additional revenue stream and marketing addition – all apparel is connected to your A.I chatbot allowing for instant communication with customers.

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