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Automated Business

Most business processes and functions can be automated using software. This streamlines the flow of the business, reduces workloads, lowers expenses, improves information, improves management of supplies or services and adds to the bottom line profits of companies.

Better processes produce lower costs, motivated employees, and create happier customers. This starts with examining how work is accomplished, documenting current processes, and then improving those processes. However, simply documenting your processes and relying on manual process implementation does not give your business managers real control over the process.

We are launching our Busness in a Box

Instead of listing all our skills separately to look super impressive, we instead combined all our skills and expertise to create one product that not only offers value for money, but makes perfect sense in these crazy times we find ourselves in.

Covid-19 has ensured that the business world will forever be changed, for good and for bad. It has also forced us to evaluate our products & services and see how we can adapt with the changes.
Two factors determined our critical look at what value we can add to our existing and new clients:
1. The world is now forced to embrace the digital age.
2. The return to the gig economy as people lose their jobs or just need something extra to help pay the bills.
Based on those factors, we have created a solution for new and existing businesses no matter the size or length of time in operation.

The optimal system had to be:

  1. Scalable.
  2. Incorporate multiple income streams.
  3. Be at least 80% automated.
  4. Not be reliant on technical skills.
  5. Not need additional staff to manage.
  6. Be relevant and future proof.
  7. Compliment the clients existing passions.
  8. Be affordable – NO monthly fees from us, to keep costs down.
  9. Have a support system to ensure that the client can learn and use the system.
  10. Quick to implement and start.

We realized that by using existing platforms and then connecting them all together with automation, we can create a complete online business within a few days, while adding additional revenue streams and providing support.

An e-commerce website to showcase the products/services as the main component, connected to an automated marketing system.
The Product

  1. One WordPress E-Commerce website.
  2. One Facebook A.I driven chatbot.
  3. One CMS to keep track of your business.
  4. One Accountancy / Invoicing System.
  5. One Automated E-Mail System.
  6. 30 Days worth of social media content.
  7. 3 months total support & Training.
  8. All systems connected and automated.
  9. No monthly costs from our side.
  10. Multiple income streams.

Whitelabel Reseller System

Become a reseller and earn R2000 per sale
while we build the systems on your behalf
R 2000 Once Off
  • Completly Whitelabeled
  • Your Own Website
  • A.I Messenger Chatbot
  • Marketing Materials
  • Ongoing Support

Complete Business System

We will build your complete automated online business system
Teach you how to grow and manage it
R 6000 Once Off
  • Your Own E-Commerce Website
  • A.I Messenger Chatbot
  • Automated Invoicing System
  • E-mail Marketing System
  • Marketing Materials
  • Online Courses
  • Additional Revenue streams
  • Analytics & Data capture
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • 3 Months Unlimited Support
  • More ... more & more

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Case Studies for Business in a Box

Trade Services

Whether you do gutters, plumbing, electrical, car services or full home builds, there’s one thing your business needs … leads. The solution: A mobile friendly,

The Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry can benefit immensely from automation, especially now during covid-19. This is the perfect time to put an automation system in place