NFC Tags

nfc tags

NFC Tags

Seamlessly integrate your marketing system into non-digital products.

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a short range wireless RFID communication technology. It means that two devices equipped with NFC technology are able to communicate with each other and share information as soon as they are close to one another. There is no need to launch an application, bringing the devices near each other automatically triggers the defined action - from a single easy "tap"!

How We Apply NFC Tags

Engage, Excite, Convert & Nurture.

We integrate our automation processes into nfc tags for restaurants, shopping malls, tourism and retail. A user taps their mobile device against a poster or sign and gets directed to your automated chatbot and multi media content, where they can interact and find out more about your products or services.

We combine virtual tours with A.i powered chatbots with full e-commerce capabilities to tag everything from clothing to museum exibitions.

Content Delivery
You can use chatbots to deliver any type of content based on different criteria and triggers, allowing for an improved customer experience.
Target / Retarget
The ability to target and re-target actual users at anytime makes chatbots one of the most powerful weapons in your automation arsenal.
Social Advertising
All our automation systems are connected to data capturing and reporting systems, allowing for hyper targeted marketing campaigns.
Data Capturing
We capture and present user data in a variety of formats, ensuring that you know exactly how your systems are performing at any given time.

Find Out How We Can Integrate NFC

Directly into your automated marketing system for less than you think