Food Related Business Solutions

Food Related Business Solutions

Restaurants and food related industries require constant customers and tight inventory control to stay open, and regular customers and large parties to turn a profit.

Due to tight margins, staff usually become jack of all trades and marketing is neglected,not to mention customer nurturing.

The solution:

A mobile friendly, easy to navigate website that allows for direct ordering, making reservations or redeeming coupons ( specials).

A.I chatbot connected to your Facebook Business page, to automate your lead generation and general queries, the magic happens here, since Facebook allows us to capture user data and send it to any external platform, and communicate with the user.

Now the chatbot can take orders, book reservations, send coupons, wish happy birthday… Do follow ups and ask for reviews and many more lead nurturing actions all on autopilot.

All users gets saved into a mailing list and database allowing for even more automation options, loyalty programs, integration into accounting packages and CRM’s etc.

We connect via API connectors your website to your chatbot , CRM and accounting package, this also allows your staff to create inventory checklists, get reminders of reservations and so much more.

We also use QR codes connected to the A.I allowing for staff free ordering and take away ordering.

Included is your own automated clothing brand for an additional revenue stream and marketing addition – all apparel is connected to your A.I chatbot allowing for instant communication with customers.

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