Consultants & Life Coaches

Consultants & Life Coaches

Automation allows for the ability to gather data, that can be analyzed and then push the right content to the right person at the right time to assist them in making a decision all on autopilot.

The solution:

A mobile friendly, easy to navigate website that allows for gathering user data and distributing content, book appointments.

A.I chatbot connected to your Facebook Business page, to automate your lead generation and answer general queries, the magic happens here, since Facebook allows us to capture user data and send it to any external platform, and communicate with the user.

Now the chatbot can qualify leads, sell services and gather data to allow you to fine tun your sales funnels… Do follow ups and ask for reviews and many more lead nurturing actions all on autopilot.

All users gets saved into a mailing list and database allowing for even more automation options, loyalty programs, integration into accounting packages and CRM’s etc.

We connect via API connectors your website to your chatbot , CRM and accounting package  and so much more.

Sell courses, merchandise, seminars etc.

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Zero Cost automation strategy plan for your business, fill in our form and we will send you a detailed automation game plan at no cost to you, you will also learn a lot about your business in the process.
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