A.I Chatbots

Chat from conversation and bot, short for the word robot.

Then Chatbot would be a conversation with the robot. An FB Chatbot is an automated conversation on Facebook.

This is the simplest way to introduce the concept and explain what Chatbot is.

It allows you to provide customer service, deliver content, acquire customers and a lot more, all 24/7 and in a seamless, automated way.

How We Apply Chatbots

Engage, Excite, Convert & Nurture.

In this always on digital age, a huge part of customer satisfaction comes from being able to get answers at any given time to enquiries. Chatbots work as your 24/7 customer support team, sales person and personal assistant all-in-one.

They are great for top of funnel lead capturing and segmenting, and is an essential part of all our automation systems that we design. Depending on your needs, we can replace your website, web store, CMS and email autoresponder with a chatbot.

Content Delivery
You can use chatbots to deliver any type of content based on different criteria and triggers, allowing for an improved customer experience.
Target / Retarget
The ability to target and re-target actual users at anytime makes chatbots one of the most powerful weapons in your automation arsenal.
Social Advertising
All our automation systems are connected to data capturing and reporting systems, allowing for hyper targeted marketing campaigns.
Data Capturing
We capture and present user data in a variety of formats, ensuring that you know exactly how your systems are performing at any given time.
Paid Activities Can Be Automated.
Days/Year Spent On Administration.
Productivity Lost Due To Task Switching.
Companies Admit To Needing Automation.