Automated Marijuana Business Part 2 – The Build

Automated Marijuana Business Part 2 – The Build

In Part 1  we did our research and decided that it is a niche that we can work in, even if we have little actual knowledge of the products.

Today we will source products and start with the physical build of the sales platforms and in Part 3 we will work on our traffic strategy.

marijuana E-Commerce Sales Funnel

The basic automated funnel will consists of:

  1.  Creating Social Media Content.
  2. Driving Traffic to our website.
  3. Capturing User Details via a Lead Magnet.
  4. Adding them to our CMS system.
  5. Triggering our Automated E-Mail Sequences.
  6. Starting the next flow.

Any sales generated from this first sequence will be a bonus, since it is all cold traffic that we are sending to the website.

Since we have no real product knowledge, we will be curating content by reaching out to experts in the niche and doing interviews, sharing content and rewriting our own from public domain articles.

We will be selling via drop shipping only and then adding a few digital products that we will create in-house.

This way we can completely automate the sales funnels and only worry about creating the content, later we will outsource the content creation.

We will also add an membership and affiliate program to the system to automate traffic reach and potential sales.

This is our basic system that we will start with today.

Today we need to:

  1. Get a domain name.
  2. Get Hosting.
  3. Source products.
  4. Curate a list of experts to reach out to.
  5. Design the corporate identity of the business.
  6. Start planning our A.I for the chatbot and website virtual assistant.
  7. Get a South African Paygate.
  8. Set Up Hubspot and Mailchimp.

Using our automated Business in a Box system we should have our website and systems ready in 48 hours and then we can start creating content.

We hit a brick wall and had to make adjustments >>

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