Automated Marijuana Business – Discovery Session Part 1

Automated Marijuana Business – Discovery Session Part 1

It is freezing cold and raining in Bakuriani, Georgia, the perfect time to start planning our automated online marijuana business – Where is Bakuriani ?

Basic questions that need answering.

  1. Is there a sustainable market?
  2. Is it legal?
  3. Can we source products and ship easily?
  4. Can we develop sub niches?
  5. Can we create content to rank with?
  6. How much competition is there?
  7. Can we profit from this business?
  8. Can we automate most of it, and how?
  9. Is it evergreen?
  10. Do we have an exit strategy?

Is there a Sustainable Market & Legality?

Heck yes and especially now that it is legal to use and grow on your own property, with government looking at taxation options – Estimated R27 Billion rand industry.

Can We Source Products & Ship in a Variety of Niches?

Surprisingly very easy to source & ship a variety of products and even better is the fact that we can create a variety of related sub niches.

How Much Competition is there and How Hard will it be to Rank?

There is a fair amount of competition, always a good sign when entering a niche, and there is huge ranking opportunities due to the different niches, and most of the competition is not optimizing for SEO.

Is This an Evergreen Niche & Can We Resell The Business

Most Definitely Evergreen and Has Potential Resell Value, and Profit Potential.

How Can We Automate?

We Will Use Our Business in a Box System to Completely Automate the Business.

Part 2 will be all about mapping the automation and sales funnels

Tell Us About Your Business

Zero Cost automation strategy plan for your business, fill in our form and we will send you a detailed automation game plan at no cost to you, you will also learn a lot about your business in the process.
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