About Our Agency

Short Story About Our Company

Chatsales has evolved over the past 15 years from creating hand-coded .html websites, to offering full stack complete office automation.

My name is Robert Taylor and I travel the globe with my family as digital nomads.

For the past 4 years we have been traveling the globe with our now 7 year old, perfecting our own automation and sales funnels, while assisting countless of other individuals and companies to do the same.

We live and breath automation and have first hand experience in it, since we use automation and online marketing to allow us to travel the world, spending quality time with my family .

I have a background in FMCG sales & marketing, real estate and e-commerce.

I have been automating my business for many years, build the first ever multilingual chatbot in Vietnam and have been interviewed by countless piers in the automation space.

While others talk about automation, we actually live it. No long winded sales pitches with fancy terms, our purpose is to save you time and money and to achieve that we create custom systems to ensure that you reach your goals.

We have 4 branches worldwide, that are staffed with experts in almost every field including our new pet projects involving VR & AR.

Robert Taylor, CEO and Founder

Nelius Van Eeden,  Co-Founder

Nelius Van Eeden comes from a sales background in the motor industry, and has seamlessly transitioned into building chatbots and other problem solving solutions. Here’s his story.

People know me as The Car Man. For almost 18 years I have been selling cars. I love cars. My love for cars kept me in the industry for a long time but I needed change in an industry that needs change as desperately as I did.
I set out on a mission to look for something new and different. I looked at writing new applications and even studied app development for a while.
I did Virtual tours for car dealers as well. But none of these seemed to tick the boxes.
Then, suddenly, I stumbled upon a Digital nomad developer. His ideas at first sounded crazy. But the more I talked to him the better I understood. Robert knew exactly how to put my ideas, some very crazy, into a viable product.
Together we have created a product of world quality for the Automotive retail environment. (and adding new niches as we go along).

Meet Our Staff

ChatSales has branches worldwide to ensure instant support.
Ibrahim Yaldaram

Branch manager U.K

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Carolin Zeitler

Copywriter / Business Coach

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Taryn Crofton

OffBeat Marketing Tbilisi, Georgia

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Jaques Niemandt

Branch Manager South Africa

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Cameron Empey

Branch manager USA

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Excellent Support
We provide instant support across numerous timezones, to ensure the best service to our customers.
Awesome Team
We have an amazing global team, available to ensure that you get the expert advice and support that you deserve.
Speedy Delivery
Our team is able to connect on each project and ensure that your custom automation system is precision built in a timely manner.

Our Vision

Increase Your Revenue, While Decreasing Your Expenses!